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Archived Comments for: Automatic detection of discordant outliers via the Ueda’s method

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  1. errors/typos

    Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos, Stockholm University

    28 October 2015

    We the authors apologise to the readers for some typos you might come across in the paper (we as authors state we pointed them out to the production team but they weren't addressed properly).


    - there were some misplaced brackets. Eg


    "a simple but less known method has been proposed by (Ueda 1996/2009)." and


    "When dealing with uniform distributions, the test proposed by (Cheng and Spiring 1987) can be used"


    - p. 4: it should read 'associated with'. The 'to' shouldn't be there


    - p 11; 2nd paragraph of the discussion, should read "In the case of bimodal distributions, graphical assessments can be complemented with formal tests such as the Gapping (Wainer and Schacht 1978) or the Dip (Hartigan and Hartigan 1985) tests."


    Please contact the first author to receive a .pdf version of this paper where these typos are commented

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