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Table 1 Examples of tail orders and dependence coefficients

From: New families of bivariate copulas via unit weibull distortion

Initial Copula κLorλL κUorλU
BB1 λL=2−1/θδ λU=2−21/δ
Clayton λL=2−1/θ κU=2
Frank κL=2 κU=2
Gaussian κL=2/(1+ρ) κU=2/(1+ρ)
UW-Copula κT,Lor λT,L κT,Uor λT,U
UW-BB1 λT,L=2b/θδ if a=1 λT,U=2−2a/δ
  λT,L=1 if a<1  
UW-Clayton λT,L=2b/θ if a=1 λT,U=2−2a
  λT,L=1 if a<1  
UW-Frank κT,L=2a λT,U=2−2a
UW-Gaussian κT,L=[2/(1+ρ)]a λT,U=2−2a